Designer & Developer

I am a senior-level, experienced new media and visual designer with a background in UI/UX, web, interactive, A/V, and print. I have over 20 years of design and development experience. I bring a strong blend of creative talent and leadership, backed by a deep level of technical knowledge. My experience in many related fields makes me truly multidisciplinary and an able problem solver.


In the Blog

Soft Rebooting the Site


I've decided to rework the site as I feel it had gotten too unweildly. I will be reworking my portfolio and projects as well as refocusing on this blog. I'll be moving a good chunk of the content to an archive or to one of my other sites. I'm still working through how I want to reorganize things, but my main focus will be on keeping this site simple and clean. Stay tuned as I move things around and shift over to a new framework, cms, and presentation layer. Read more

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